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Been denied cancer treatment cover by your insurer?

Cancer Treatment Insurance Claim Denied?

Don't worry! There's still a way to win.

If you've recently been denied a critical illness insurance claim to treat cancer or have genuine concerns that you may be refused cover, speak to our team of legal experts who specialise in representing cases like yours.

Our expert lawyers will help fight your case

We fully consider every individual on a case-by-case basis and advise you whether you have a potential claim against your insurance company. This involves detailed consideration of your health insurance policy and your medical history. Typically, around twenty percent of health insurance claims are rejected by insurance companies so you are certainly not alone! A large number of these rejections are unfair and discriminatory and this is where we come in.

We're on your side so let's take on & beat the insurance giants!

It can be incredibly stressful and complicated trying to take on an insurance company by yourself, especially if you do not understand the legal system - something that we've learned from personal experience! To maximise your chances of challenging the decision, we can assist in finding a way to a fair resolution of your claim with expert, compassionate understanding and a skilled legal strategy.

Preparing for your legal case
  • Act as quickly as possible following any insurance claim denial or rejection of cover. There's strict time limits so time is important!
  • Provide us with ALL documentation relating to your claim and policy
  • Do not sign anything from your insurance provider without carefully review it first
  • Never give up - we can help find ways to win!
Success stories

Read about some of our success stories where we have triumphed over adversity to win claims for past clients.

Join our list of happy customers who got the justice they deserved. If you're currently in the distressing position of having to fight a health insurance refusal that you feel is unfair; contact Jan Trainor, our insurance claims specialist at BTW Solicitors, for some free advice and a consultation about your claim. She is very understanding and here to help you.

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    Terminology You'll come Accross
    • Non-disclosure
    • Omissions on form
    • Declined death benefit cover
    • Denied life cover
    • Existing medical condition
    • Refused critical illness
    • Life insurance claim rejected
    • Serious illness policy
    • Critical illness claim refused/rejected

    Meet Jan Our Top Insurance Denial Claims Expert

    denied-cover-Jan-trainorJan is a leading insurance denial claims specialist. She represents injured, disabled and bereaved families with compassion and sensitivity. With extensive experience in handling these matters, she has now become one of the UK's leading solicitors dealing with critical illness denial and life insurance claims.

    Having gained front line experience in representing clients who've had claims on their critical illness or life insurance refused, Jan first became involved in this area when her own partner was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his critical illness claim was denied. Despite difficult personal circumstances, she fought the decision of her insurers and the claim was won in record time. Jan has passion for representing others in the same position. She has now assisted a large number of clients who have had their claims denied with great success.

    Client Testimonials