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Critical Illness Claims Succeeds

Mr S took out a Critical Illness Policy and a short time after suffered a heart attack.  The claim was denied on the basis that he had not told his insurers about problems with his neck and back.  The claim against the insurers was successful as even if Mr S had told them about the…
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Life Insurance Claim Upheld

Mr P contracted cancer. His insurers rejected his claim on the grounds of reckless non disclosure.  Again his claim against this rejection was successful on the basis that his GP records had been misleading and that in fact he had not disclosed routine blood pressure monitoring before an operation was not held to be reckless. …
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Critical Illness Policy Covering Pre Existing Conditions

Our client had a critical illness policy covering pre existing conditions providing he had been free of all symptoms for a period of at least 2 years prior to the reoccurrence. It was also stipulated that no medical consultation was to have taken place about the pre existing condition. The policy was declined on the…
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