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Life Insurance Suicide Claims


Suicide is, sadly, the subject of many of the cases we deal with.

It is often thought that life insurance is not payable if suicide is the cause of death. Whilst many policies will not pay out if the policyholder commits suicide in the first 12 months, thereafter a claim for suicide is covered in most policies.

We have been able to assist in many such cases where insurance companies have declined payment of a claim.


The claims we have dealt with have been turned down for a variety of reasons, alleged non-disclosure of historical mental health issues or other health complaints and/or alcohol or drug use. We have had cases where unreasonable assumptions have been made by the insurance company about the cause of death where no findings of suicide have been made.

The death of a loved one is never easy to experience, whether it comes without warning or after a long struggle with illness. But several circumstances set death by suicide apart and make the process of bereavement more challenging. Suicide is a difficult subject to contemplate. Relatives may be reluctant to confide that the death was self-inflicted. And when others know the circumstances of the death, they may feel uncertain about how to offer help. Behind each case is understandable sadness and confusion of those left behind, the family of a much loved individual who took their own life, their emotions and their struggles.

Trauma and Heartache

For the families involved they are not only facing the trauma and heartache of losing a loved one in difficult circumstances, they are sometimes fearful as to whether they will be able to keep their home and pay the bills. Their life has abruptly and unexpectedly changed. To then receive the news that the insurance policy, that should assist, will not pay is news that can leave those affected feeling vulnerable and powerless

It is extremely rewarding, as with all our cases, to be able to make a difference.

Meet Jan Our Top Insurance Denial Claims Expert

Jan is a leading insurance denial claims specialist. She represents injured, disabled and bereaved families with compassion and sensitivity. With extensive experience in handling these matters, she has now become one of the UK's leading solicitors dealing with critical illness denial and life insurance claims.

Having gained front line experience in representing clients who've had claims on their critical illness or life insurance refused, Jan first became involved in this area when her own partner was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his critical Illness claim was denied. Despite difficult personal circumstances, she fought the decision of her insurers and the claim was won in record time. Jan has passion for representing others in the same position. She has now assisted a large number of clients who have had their claims denied with great success.

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