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Denied Insurance Claims

Denied Insurance Claims

BTW Solicitors are a team of Lawyers who can offer you expert help when an insurance claim has been denied. This is a Specialist area where you need expert help to maximise your chances of overturning the denial. We can offer you that help.

Each year Insurance Companies turn down a large percentage of claims made on life or critical illness policies. There can be many reasons for the denial. If you have had a denial that you think is unfair you should contact us immediately to see whether we can bring a claim on your behalf or a family member. We assess each case and will advise from the outset whether we consider you have a potential claim.

We understand that the difficulty dealing with the denial at the same time as trying to cope with illness or loss is very difficult. We are here to shoulder the burden. We do not ask our clients to provide any financial contribution at the beginning of the case. We will only be paid if we make a successful claim on your behalf.

Here is some terminology you may come across:-

  • Non-disclosure
  • Omissions on form
  • Declined death benefit cover
  • Denied life cover
  • Existing medical condition
  • Refused critical illness
  • Life insurance claim rejected
  • Serious illness policy
  • Critical illness claim refused/rejected

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